Monday, May 21, 2012

We originally came to the Parma area to see the cheese, prosciutto ham, and balsamic vinegar production.  There are two small car manufacturers in the area, so we decided to visit the car places today and have a food day tomorrow.   For a car guy today was like a 75 per cent off sale at Macy's for the gals.  Every open area around the Ferrari factory had Ferrari Red Roses planted that Nonette really liked.  I hope you have as much fun looking at the pictures as I did making them.

1950 model

V12 block casting


They used this "buck" to test to see if the body panels fit the 250 GTO

Formula 1 from the 50's



1954 Daily Driver


My favorite and Nonette's favorite the 69 Daytona

64 350 Lambo

68 Islero

My favorite the 67 Miura

69 Miura

74 Countach

Modern V12 Lambo

You wouldn't want to see this one in the rear view mirror.
I don't think the Siena police could have gotten Nonette in the back of this one.

Modern 4 door

1000 HP Marine engine

Modern interpretation of the Miura

One of two built.  Note the hood goes between the two occupants.  No  top.

Looks like a Stealth Fighter

Two of the latest models.

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